Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I love pun'kins. In fact, that's my nickname. Rena calls me Pun'kin all the time. She's says it's because I'm big and round. Here's a picture of me with the boy's pun'kins. I gave them a big sniff when they brought them home the other night. I can't wait for them to carve them. I'm sure I'll be right in the middle of that big ooey, gooey mess!

Below is the boy's reading chart for the year. I'm Farmer Denny and that's my Pun'kin Patch. Every time the boys read a book, they write the name of the book on a pun'kin and plant it in the patch. It has a lot of pun'kins on it already. By June, the patch should be filled with little, orange pun'kins, showing all the books they read for the school year. Do you like carving pun'kins too?

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