Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Adoption Day!

Yesterday was my four year Adoption Day! Rena was going to help me blog about it last night, but we both fell asleep. I guess that's more important. Anyway, it's amazing to think I've been part of this family for FOUR years already! Above is how I look today, and below is a picture of me on my first day here. I was really scared, so I hid under a chair for awhile.

I even got a present for my Adoption Day! Rena brought me back a new toy when she and Rick drove Nicole back to college in Billings this weekned. It's a turtle, but I call it Turdy.


  1. Wow he really changed in 4 years. Did you know he was a Maine Coon when you adopted him?
    HAPPY ADOPTION DAY! DENNY. We all are better because of it. <3