Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's All About ME!

Here is a picture of me and Neil, taken last September. I look kind of mad in the picture, but I wasn't. I just wanted to get down on the grass and play. I'm pretty sure this was taken when the boys started school. I got to spend some time outside while they collected crickets for a science experiement. There are crickets all over the place in the fall. I love pouncing on them. Actually, I'm an indoor-cat and don't go outside much. I like going outside, but only when someone is with me. There are scary things outside -- like ravens! I thought it would fun to list some things I love, as well as some things I don't love so much. Here is my list ...

Purina One Crunchies
Feathery toys
Cooked ground turkey
Squirrel watching
Crunchy kitty snacks 
Bird watching
Bug hunting, especially crickets
Getting my fur combed
Sitting in the windows
Watching movies with the boys
Stealing Neil's chair in the classroom
Leaning on Rena's legs at night
Rough-housing with Rick
Eating Kitty's food
Putting my feet in Kitty's water bowl
Chasing Kitty around the house

Soft kitty snacks -- yuk -- give them to Kitty!
Loud noises
Having to take a shower
Getting my nails trimmed
Turkeys on the deck
Riding in the car
Going to the vet -- the worst -- take Kitty!

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