Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hi, I'm Denny! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Rena thought it would be fun to have my own blog. She figured since she posts about me so much on her blog that I might as well have my own site. Purrsonally, I think she made this blog to annoy her husband. He rarely reads her blog, so now she'll have an excuse to nag at him to read mine. "Did you read Denny's blog yet? Did you? Did you?"

Actually, this isn't new to Rena. Back in the 1980s she had a pet-related pen pal newsletter. The editor was her cat, CJ and the whole paper was written in his voice. I never knew CJ. He died a long time ago, but everyone says I look just like him. The newsletter was called PET PALS! and it had members from all over the world.

A little about me -- my life started a hard way. I was what people call a feral cat. I guess that means wild, so yeah, that sounds like me. I was born in a little town called Hot Springs, Montana. Not much else is known, except that someone trapped me and my sister in a cage. We were scared! Then we were taken to this lady's house where a bunch of other cats lived. There were all sorts of toys, scratching posts, and food. The best part was the food! It's hard to find food, especially when you live in the wilderness with bears and ravens. I hate ravens!

Then one day Rena showed up with Rick and their four kids, Nichelle, Nicole, Nathan, and Neil. They'd seen my picture on Pet Finders and Rena couldn't get over how much I looked like CJ, especially with the little hair tufts in my ears. So, I decided to adopt them. The rest is history. I'll be two-years-old on June 25th. Rena says we're going to have a great, big party -- with balloons and cake and presents and everything! Rick says we're not, but I'd bet you a kitty treat he's wrong.

Nichelle took this picture of me when I was just a tot. I thought it would be a fun picture to post for my first blog. From the looks of things, I had either just eaten or gotten a drink. My nose is wet. I'm a little bigger now, as you can see from the picture on my header. My vet says I need to lose a pound. A whole pound. He's just a crazy, crazy man! Well, I'm off for my mid-morning nap. Thanks for reading!