Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Red Nose Denny!

Hey, look at me ... my nose is red! I look kind of silly. You can see my picture on the website by clicking here. This is for Australia's Red Nose Day coming up on June 29th. Here is a little of what Red Nose Day is all about ...

In 1988, the Red Nose Day concept was adopted by SIDS and Kids organizations around Australia. This annual event captured the imagination of the Australia public and has since contributed a large portion of the funds raised by SIDS and Kids. With a 94 percent recognition rate in Australia (Quantum research, 2008), the concept of donning a red nose for a day to be silly for a serious cause has expanded to involve celebrities, businesses, vehicles, and buildings. The campaign runs through the month of June, culminating on Red Nose Day, the last Friday of June.

I wish the USA would start doing Red Nose Day to help save babies as well. So, what are you waiting for? Upload your red nose picture right now.

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