Monday, June 25, 2012

It's my Birfday!

I'm a big two-year-old kitty today! My family had a party for me tonight. There was cake, presents, and cards. The boys even sang "Happy Birthday" to me.

Here I am with one of my birfday cards.

Here is my people's cake. It was chocolate.

My cat was fishy flavored. I got to eat on the table -- much to Rick's dismay -- and I even got to eat off one of the monkey birfday plates.

Here I am with the boys opening my presents. I got a squirrely and a funny bunny.

Here I am playing with my squirrely under the table. It chirps!

What a fun birthday! I'm all tuckered out! Good night!


  1. Happy 2nd Birfday Denny!!! Looks like you had a GREAT Birfday!

  2. Happy Happy Birfday, you big lovable mass of fur. Meowy meowy meowy.